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Re-Storying Our Lives

Cost:  FREE !

When: Monday October 23, 2023

Where: In-person, Hosted by the Idea Exchange Queen's Square Location

We make meaning of our lives through the storying of experience, at times these stories can become problem-saturated, with the problems stealing the focus. Through art and writing participants will have the opportunity to explore their relationships with a 'problem' in their lives, the history of it, what supports it, and what and influences it.  Participants will be invited deconstruct the 'problem' through exploring, paying attention to, and shining a light on their agency in responding to it and resisting it.   The re-storying process invites a bringing forth of alternative and preferred stories our lives, stories that may be been obscured or pushed to the margins by the dominance of the 'problem'.  


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More groups and workshops to come, please check back or Email Ali to be contacted when  groups and workshops are announced.

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